Noted April 11, 2021

I use the correct quantity cream cleanser first time every time. Where’s my statue?

Noted April 9, 2021

Anyway, this WIX/WP drama sure was fun.

/me goes back to writing code that runs four in ten of the most visted web sites 🤷🏻‍♂️

Noted April 9, 2021

Does anyone else sing “lovely little pussy cat” to their cat in the tune of Alexander Hamilton each morning?

Noted April 2, 2021

After upgrading iOS, Disney plus informs me my browser (Safari version null) is incompatible and I should update to the latest version.

This is on their text only help pages, not the app. 5 stars, would watch again.

Noted March 31, 2021

The cat is using the cat scratcher wrong. I’ve only ever seen this in cartoons.

Noted March 28, 2021

It’s day two of my holidays and I just booted my computer and immediately logged in to my email. Under normal circumstances this would be a bad thing, but I’m giving myself a pass as I was logging in to stop related folders from syncing to my phone.

Noted March 28, 2021

I just read Laura Tingle’s piece from yesterday. Did the prime minister only learn this week that women often walk around with keys between their fingers at night? He really hasn’t been listening, I thought it was common knowledge.

Noted March 27, 2021

Someone on Swarm has left an invaluable review of the local supermarket: it’s a lot of stuff. Thanks boss, you’ve been a great help.