Noted March 24, 2020

The local cafe @milkingstation has been taking COVID-19 very seriously, in today’s episode of things that wouldn’t have seemed possible in January: spots on the floor telling customers where they should stand.

Noted March 23, 2020

Harvey Norman have a 14 day change of mind policy.

Noted March 23, 2020

If (and only if) your income is safe during this time, please go and tip big at a cafe today, think about what you usually spend on lunch each week as a baseline.

Again, only if your income is safe (I work in media, for example). If it’s at risk, look after yourself first.

Noted March 21, 2020

if you’re having trouble focusing on work, or anything else, it’s not that you’re terrible at working from home or bad at your job. It’s that you’re doing this in a set of circumstances completely unprecedented in our lifetimes.

Eric Meyer

Noted March 20, 2020

Current earworm. I can’t think why.


Noted March 20, 2020

I’ve worked remote for four years but this is the first time I’ve worked from home rather than an office or co-working space. I’ve replaced my train commute with a walk around the block to allow for a mental switch to work mode each morning.

Noted March 19, 2020

“If” seems incredibly optimistic. We screwed.

Noted March 16, 2020

As bum gun sales in Australia spike, I can feel most countries in our region turning to us and saying “See! What have we been saying all these years!”

Noted March 13, 2020

Despite it’s flaws, I like working with PHP (and I’m fucking good at my job) but sometimes I wonder what I’m doing with my life…

Noted March 10, 2020

Reviewing my development folder yesterday, I discovered I have four checkouts of the WordPress-Develop git repo. I need two… plus an SVN copy for committing.

Each has a different collection of feature branches…