Noted June 24, 2020

Middle-class CIS white guys explaining term X is inclusive, and they’ve always found community Y nothing but welcoming is my new favourite thing.

Yes, it’s always middle-class CIS white guys.

Noted June 24, 2020

Censorship in the USA is the worst, Australian censors don’t give three fucks about language as a rule.

Noted June 16, 2020

Victorian Cabinet, this Friday.

Noted June 7, 2020

[The] WordPress community can invest in underrepresented groups (whose experiences cannot be substituted for) and hire them equitably. — @JosephaHaden

Equity and the Power of Community


Noted June 6, 2020

There have been at least 434 deaths since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody ended in 1991. Non-Indigenous men are expected to live 8.6 years longer than indigenous men, non-indigenous women 7.8 years longer. #BlackLivesMatterAustralia

Noted June 4, 2020

Yesterday the team I work with won a little international award, ❤️ working with super talented people 🎉

🤜🤛 @humanmadeltd & @XWP for your early work; and @WordPress contributors (especially the Editor team) for the platform we work on.

Noted May 28, 2020

My WP journey:

  • 12 yrs ago: wrote my first site
  • 11 yrs ago: WP & PHP became my career
  • 9 yrs ago: submitted first patch
  • 5 yrs ago: started contributing regularly
  • last weekend: deep in Walker and Query classes, ugh

It’s been real…

Celebrate Seventeen


Noted May 24, 2020

Can we start writing c9s instead of coronavirus yet?

Noted May 13, 2020

I am too excited to come up with a wait for it pun.

Noted May 11, 2020

One of the idiot protesters yesterday didn’t want to be seen as anti-science for her scepticism of a coronavirus vaccine, 5G towers and the deadliness of COVID-19. They’re simply “anti-fake science”. Well, I’m glad that’s sorted then.