Noted November 11, 2020

Remember when you’d see a name trending on Twitter and ask yourself whether they’d died rather than what they said this time? It cost us some childhood heros on the way but I miss those days.

Noted November 8, 2020

Remember, the inauguration isn’t until January. Until then the correct title is President Loser.

Noted November 2, 2020

The Australian government has generic do not travel advice for every country in the world at the moment (even NZ). Yesterday (or certainly no earlier than October 7 according to the web archive) the USA’s alert was updated to include the election and inauguration dates. Pretty wild for a democracy.

Noted November 1, 2020

I feel incredibly lucky to have friends dotted around the world. I can’t wait to be less anxious about their health and safety.

Noted October 28, 2020

The sense of relief in Melbourne this-morning is palpable. On my morning walk I could see cafe staff were excited to have tables out again and strangers chatting about almost been back to normal. It’s lovely. 😊

Noted October 26, 2020

The Kubrick inspired default theme for WordPress still runs in WP 5.5 on PHP 7.4! It throws a few deprecation warnings, both for WP and PHP, but you could still run it in production. Not bad for a 15ish year-old theme that hasn’t been the default for 10 years.