Noted December 16, 2021

The previous owner of my domain is still giving it out as their email address six years later.

At what point is is ok to impersonate them and reply with financial advice?

Noted December 15, 2021

I’m on holiday until I start a new job early next year. I’m guessing State of the Word can wait?

Noted December 7, 2021

Thinking about this idiocy again in the context of my week: by embracing the idea that I have no idea what I’m doing with some code this-morning, I’m going to learn something new as a result in the next few days.

Noted December 2, 2021

Does have a hack for their site to disable infinite scrolling so you can can click the links in their footer?

Noted November 28, 2021

I get unreasonably excited about wearing leather shoes these days and this week I’ll get to wear them two or three times!

I know I could wear them in the home office but that’s not something that works for me.

Noted November 24, 2021

Typecasting edge cases sure are fun.

console.log( !! '0', !! '0.0', '0' == '0.0' ); // (JS) true, true, false

var_dump( !! '0', !! '0.0', '0' == '0.0' ); // (PHP) false, true, true

I’m not sure there is a right answer here.

Noted November 23, 2021

I used Yahoo! when it was on a .edu domain.