Noted September 19, 2021

I have quite mixed feelings about nesting coming to native CSS. A big pro is reduced asset sizes but it can lead to bloated specificity when applied without due consideration of the selectors final form.

Noted September 15, 2021

My career changed for the better working at HM/Altis. I was pulled to country’s most interesting CMS project, and subsequently pulled to my five-year-goal gig. Telling Ryan he’s wrong (often) is appealing, but professional growth has its benefits too.

Noted September 15, 2021

Turns out the most lockdown activity is not the sourdough starter, nor is it the home haircut (yawn, even the Premier has done that). It’s the zoom call between your phone and computer to evaluate said haircut.

Noted September 12, 2021

Unusually for me, I binged the first season of Ted Lasso in 24 hours from Friday night. I woke this-morning to see a headline suggesting some people don’t like it and I can’t even…

Noted September 10, 2021

It’s day 4️⃣4️⃣ of resisting shouting at a particular cloud and I’m a little proud of myself. Stupid cloud.

Noted September 4, 2021

When a supermarket becomes a T2 exposure site, are @ALDIAustralia, @Coles or @woolworths paying their staff to get tested and for any shifts they miss while they’re required to isolate? The same applies for all casuals exposed at work but supermarkets are listed almost daily.

Noted September 1, 2021

Never watching a presser again and instead spending the time having cat cuddles. Discuss.

FWIW, the last Daily Dan I watched was actually a Merlino in the Morning. Recommended, five stars.

Noted August 30, 2021

ABC News headline: Should Victorians give up hope of restrictions easing anytime soon?

This is the exception that proves Betteridge’s law.

Noted August 29, 2021

My garlic multiple generally runs at two but when I’m using a food box service is usually four but can be as high as six or even eight.

Garlic multiple: the amount used vs the amount a recipe suggests.

Noted August 28, 2021

I’ve been strict about being a 1x dev for a few years. On a Very Big Project a few years ago, I was proud some other team members followed suit. I did some long days to increase US cross-over but buggered off early on Fridays to make it up.

I don’t think I ever told the client about the shorter Fridays, but I also reckon they were smart enough to pick up that the guy doing 40/hrs of code review each week never sent anything late Fridays.

Fun fact: I started being strict about it after a leaving a job in which the boss would schedule projects so I had to work seven days a week.
He got shitty when it made me sick and I became a .1 dev for a while as a result. I left shortly after that, go figure…