Noted January 28, 2019

I’m kind of wishing I was at New York’s Music Box Theatre today seeing another 👕 sign off.

I’m kind of wishing I was at the University of Puerto Rico’s Teatro UPR today seeing another ★ sign off.

Instead I’m in Melbourne being the 🎭 sad mask.

Noted January 26, 2019

Started reading a very old & fragile print of Catch-22 last night, I think it was originally Dad’s or possibly even Grandpa’s. It’s so old the cover price is in imperial currency. It was also stolen from a library.

Noted January 23, 2019

When running unit tests across multiple versions of PHP, it always impresses me how much faster recent versions are. If your web host doesn’t have version 7.2 or 7.3 as an option, find one that does.

Noted January 20, 2019

Toby is asking me to check some domains. I’m including dot cc in the look up.

“Stop trying to make dot cc a thing.”

We’re having a fight now.