Noted September 19, 2018

The Prime Minister has spoken about allowing *more* discrimination of queer folk under the guise of religious freedom.

Sure, let’s talk ’bout the puppets everyone.

Noted September 11, 2018

“Bank-grade security” is actually the worst. Common password limits are a maximum length of 16 or fewer characters, preventing the use of symbols, DOB password defaults. No wonder things like this can happen.

Noted September 5, 2018

I tried the Freedom app to block distractions, apparently I signed up for dozens of drip emails and a modal that forces me to their website on every boot.

It’s worse than the distractions I am trying to avoid so I deleted it from my account.

Noted August 31, 2018

Peter Dutton’s values 101:

Just: imprisoning someone fleeing a war zone
Unjust: deporting the middle class breaching their visa to work for his mates

Just: bakers being homophobic
Unjust: 70% of Australians disagreeing about the bakers