Noted January 16, 2022

#BREAKING At least one journalist published the wrong draft atop the home page. I want screenshots, dammit.

Noted January 16, 2022

Actual Australian citizens with actual Australian passports have been waiting two years for a federal court hearing to be allowed back in to the country they live in. Think about that as the rich and famous get two in one week.

Noted January 13, 2022

This week I’m excited to start a new role at @10up as a Lead Engineer on their Open Source Practices team. The company is donating about half my time to work on @WordPress and related projects as part of their Five for the Future contribution of around 160 hours a week.

Noted January 9, 2022

Congratulations @zachleat and contributors for Eleventy 1.0. As a frequent @WordPress contributor, I have learnt and hope to continue learning from you.

Noted January 9, 2022

Excitement of starting the new job tomorrow vs disappointment a month of sleeping in, reading, eating and naps is coming to an end.

Noted January 2, 2022

I will judge you if you fly the national flag on your boat rather than the maritime flag. Bloody Sunday sailors.

Noted December 21, 2021

a) Gizmo kind of shits me; and b) never mess with Billy’s mum, she will cut you with a knife.