Noted October 25, 2020

I suspect an early Daily Dan today: 14 cases in two days suggests a lot of easy noes in this-morning’s meetings.

Noted October 23, 2020

Oh, that’s right… the debate is on. Time to turn off WiFi, shut down router, remove the cable, cut the cable and burn down the flats.

Noted October 22, 2020

My partner who does not work in WordPress circles, but uses WordPress and is thus part of the community, has just told me off for referring to Gutenberg instead of referring to the block editor. I am so seen.

Noted October 22, 2020

Did you know you can just buy two packets of Kingston biscuits instead of a pack of assorted creams. I don’t need no Shortbread Cream or other junk biscuits in my life, I’m not going to pretend any more.

Noted October 19, 2020

It’s time to give the new WordPress default theme a spin. Twenty Twenty-One coming in WP 5.6.

Noted October 17, 2020

The few editorials I’ve read questioning why people stand with Dan seem to forget one thing: it’s possible to think the gov screwed up quarantine on a massive scale AND the lockdown is the safest thing to do right now.

Noted October 15, 2020

I forgot to buy bread this-morning so decided to make crap pasta for lunch. It was at least as nice as the good pasta I made for dinner earlier this week. Conclusion: I am such a bad cook I can even make crap pasta.

Noted October 12, 2020

I was told last week I swear like a journalist. It was both given and taken as compliment of the highest order.

Noted October 10, 2020

Over the next nine days there needs to be fewer than 15 new COVID-19 cases to meet the target for further easing of the Melbourne lockdown. I think we’ll have well above that so am getting used to the idea it won’t happen.