Noted January 23, 2020

Nice: the toilet’s in work’s building flush with storm water. Less nice: I discovered this because they’re all the colour of an upset stomach due to the muddy rain last night.

Noted January 20, 2020

I’m unreasonably pleased with myself that my Bitbucket bizness account name is peterwilsonbcc even though it’s pointless because it shows up as {b75f1b85-98b9-482d-9913-eeb501518274}.

Noted January 19, 2020

PHP singletons are bad. They make you comfort eat.

Noted January 19, 2020

PHP Singletons are bad. If it’s a singleton, it’s just functional code so just write functional code.

And they make you do bad things in test suites.

Noted January 4, 2020

Would Prime Minister Dutton be better tho? Empathy doesn’t seem to be his strong point.

Noted December 31, 2019

I found a feature I was unaware of in Shifty Jelly’s weather app yesterday. It becomes obsolete & they close down the servers tonight. I have perfect timing, as always.

Noted December 29, 2019

End of the Fucking World season 2 is to TV sequels as Blues Brothers 2000 is to movie sequels.

Noted December 18, 2019

I prefer tabs over spaces; light themes over dark. I can’t help it that the world is wrong.

Noted December 14, 2019

According to @zachleat, this year commemorates a bloody long time since element, um container, um selector queries were first suggested.

Noted December 9, 2019

Big Bird at his kindest, sweetest self, saying goodbye to a friend.