Noted February 27, 2020

OH: Oh, for fuck’s sake JIRA.

It was me. I said it aloud. In a sing-song voice.

While trying to work out the correct markdown favour for the particular field I was using.

Noted February 23, 2020

Today in totally meaningless graphs, spot when I changed employers from one that uses GitHub to one that uses Bitbucket.

Noted February 19, 2020

I want to find the sweariest branch name on GitHub. Bonus points if it’s been merged in to a major open-source project.

Noted February 17, 2020

Ooh, it’s very much a work-in-progress but ABC News appears to be working on a responsive site on their mobile domain, starting with their article template. I know this is a huge undertaking for a 20+ year archive, good luck and thanks team.

Noted February 10, 2020

I always find it interesting to look over an individuals news index to see when they were added as a tag, unless they’re a government minister, it’s usually not a good sign. Take George here for example.

Noted February 9, 2020

Bridget McKenzie’s press cuttings are missing some recent coverage. Odd that. 🙃

Noted February 4, 2020

Must remember to breathe.

Noted January 30, 2020

Atlassian just threw a popup on work’s wiki that hinted toward improved productivity.

I. Have. A. Wild. Idea. For. Improving. Productivity.

Noted January 29, 2020

What type of monster creates a Hottest 100 playlist that’s neither in ascending or descending order?!

Noted January 23, 2020

Nice: the toilet’s in work’s building flush with storm water. Less nice: I discovered this because they’re all the colour of an upset stomach due to the muddy rain last night.