Noted August 6, 2020

I’ve noticed fewer press conference clashes recently. Yes, I’ll take credit and your thanks.

Noted July 28, 2020


Noted August 6, 2020

I have opinions about Facebook. I certainly have opinions about them deprecating their oembed endpoints.

Noted August 5, 2020

Dan Andrews did this too late/too early.
Dan Andrews should do this/do that.

Maybe, just maybe, political commentators should be kept on a leash and their reckons wrapped in a green plastic bag and thrown in the nearest bin.

Noted August 4, 2020

Doing some testing to try an emulate how a journalist might use works CMS. One of the things I am testing is quoting Dan Andrews press conference. TVeeder is pretty amazing.

Noted August 3, 2020

Press conferences could really do with some house and walk-on music. And a stage manager’s discipline for starting on time.

Noted August 3, 2020

That every news organisation has a reliable source leaking Victoria’s C-19 numbers every day, I can’t help but think the ship of state is leaking from the top again.

Noted August 2, 2020

It turns out my office is within 5km of home. Not that I have any plans to go near it, ugh train trips, but it’s amusing me on a rough day for a lot of Victorians.

Noted July 30, 2020

Combining Hamilton and the Muppets is a great idea and remains hilarious right up until the point you wake with an ear worm of a chicken rapping.

Noted July 29, 2020

The latest release notes for @Docker Desktop for Mac include a privilege escalation vulnerability under the section bug fixes and minor changes, their version of bug fixes and improvements. I’d highlight that a little more.

Noted July 28, 2020

Politicians, a few of the general public are interested in watching pressers these days. Something about a pandemic. Here are some phone numbers for coordinating to avoid clashes.

@ScottMorrisonMP 02 6271 5111
@DanielAndrewsMP 03 9651 5000
@GladysB 02 9228 5555