Noted May 6, 2022

Error: Parameter must be instance of a string, string given.

I love you PHP 5.6, I really do.

Noted May 2, 2022

I’ve tried staying quiet about this but… it bothers me the only mention of security is the presumption a plugin will have flaws. Well, yes, if you prioritize the misspelling WordPress over escaping and sanitization, that’s exactly what will happen.

What Agencies are Looking for in Your Code

Noted April 21, 2022

What you young’uns don’t understand is that CSS-Tricks used to be run by some guy called Chris as a side gig. I think he runs a farm out west these days.

Noted April 16, 2022

I’m excited about this too, for a while I was getting daily review requests from Jonny & his team mates for one performance improvement or another. *Even better with a persistent cache.*

Noted February 23, 2022

When discussing differences in musical taste with your partner, it turns out “well, that’s because you’re older than me” is not the correct answer.

Noted February 15, 2022

World: please do not be alarmed if you see an Australian post a photo of their 20-year-old selves smoking a bong. It’s actually pretty damn cool.

Noted February 15, 2022

You can increase the diversity of applicants in a call for speakers with this one weird trick: paying your speakers. Include the amount in the CFP and reach out to underrepresented groups highlighting the honorarium. Read an @ffconf CFP and do that.