Noted October 16, 2018

“On this side project, I’m going to keep my commit messages professional.”

$ git log --format=oneline
Commit with swear words.
Remove tests because they’re broken anyway.
Move it, stab at things.
Fix dumb things.
Everything is shit, ooh everything is shit.

Noted October 10, 2018

Sometimes I’d quite like `andif` to be a thing to avoid stupidly deep nesting levels.

if ( condition1 ) {
  $var1 = 'something';
} andif ( condition2 ) {
  $var2 = 'something';

Noted October 2, 2018

A lambda function that uses the GitHub and Genius APIs to determine when someone is quoting lyrics in a code review.

Reviewer: I’m searching and scanning for answers in every line
Bot: 🎵

Noted October 2, 2018

I’m listening to the Slow Burn series on Bill Clinton’s impeachment. I’m about the same age as Lewinsky so it’s interesting to reconsider now I understand a twenty-something does not know everything and does not have full agency.

A big component of reconsidering this is to think about the people old enough to know better at the time but defended Clinton anyway. Where was their judgement, their morel character?