Noted July 23, 2021

When @syedbalkhi suggested a plugin creating a comment moderator role, I thought that should be simple enough with a few filters. I was totally wrong but I’m really pleased with the final product and am glad we were able to share it for others to use.

Noted July 18, 2021

It’s pretty cool how the NSW government waited until the federal government increased financial support before locking down properly and Victoria is now in the Morrison/Frydenberg/Berejiklian lockdown as a result. I’m sure glad JobKeeper has served its purpose.

Noted July 17, 2021

Ever so tempted to order a finish at home set menu for two for one for some comfort eating tomorrow night.

Noted July 16, 2021

Hey Victoria, what’s for lunch on this first day of lockdown?

🥪 Something healthy
🍔 Something unhealthy
🍷 Day-drinking

Noted June 24, 2021

For the last week I’ve been pretty much limiting my news intake to exposure sites and restriction changes and it’s been glorious. Some other things have got through but I presume that Barnaby Joyce thing can’t be real 🙃

Noted June 20, 2021

Small business accounting software is universally terrible. Yes, even the product you really like.

Noted June 19, 2021

The unsung hero here is whoever set up the integration template as straight down the line text. Never include in-jokes or anything else that shouldn’t be public in test content.