Noted April 9, 2020

Does anyone know where to buy a hoop skirt for shopping in? Because people.

Noted April 7, 2020

You can tell an experienced WordPress developer by their inability to spell small-a automattic.

Noted April 5, 2020

I just cleaned the vacuum filter, why do you ask if I am bored?

Noted March 30, 2020

Wanted: novel(ty) coronavirus stories about staying occupied at home that do not–I repeat, do not–involve running a marathon. Someone, please set up a wave machine in the bath, raise cattle in a spare room, really anything to put editors out of their misery.

Noted March 29, 2020

Normally don’t do these either but #stayinside

5 jobs (zero tags)

+ Photo copy human
+ Tech support
+ Web developer
+ TV extra (a few times working at @rove)
+ That’s it, no fifth job

Noted March 29, 2020

Why do people people?

Noted March 29, 2020

I’ve been going for an early morning walk (6.30 w/d, little later w/e) to maintain my sanity and have noticed the early morning crew are much better at maintaining social distance that the day crew.

Noted March 27, 2020

One and bit percent of WordPress users is still quite a lot of users and makes dropping support for legacy browsers complex…

Now’s your chance to help the project set up some guidelines.

Noted March 27, 2020

A typical 2020 dinner party.

Noted March 26, 2020

Making dinner plans with @thewebprincess. 7pm over Zoom because that’s how people socialise in 2020.