Noted October 26, 2019

Googling Windows 95 images, I came across these instructions from Radford University, Virginia, for setting up a modem. I love that this page still exists.

Noted October 22, 2019

Hi, my name is Peter.

Sometimes my job is typing git bisect good; npm install; npm run build or git bisect bad; npm install; npm run build for hours on end.

Noted October 18, 2019

I don’t think anyone in the industry can defend this.

– Professor of animal behaviour and welfare science on 7.30

We can no longer track them… Where are the state government inspectors?

– Racing Industry

Often it’s an exaggerated situation…

– NSW Govt.

Noted October 12, 2019

Very happy to have found a shoe shop that caters for duck feet.

Noted October 7, 2019

I have got to get better at resisting the urge to make a pun.

Noted October 1, 2019

When it comes to WordPress roles & caps, one of the things my current and former colleagues love hearing about is my insistence primitives be plural and meta be singular, even if it requires awkward phrasing. They never want to tell me to shut up.

Noted October 1, 2019

K, I’m kinda bored of developers complaining “Why is (the possible) impossible in WordPress?!”

Want to only allow posts, no media, no plugins, no theme changes, no nothing, not even for admins? Put this in mu-plugins

Noted September 30, 2019

Now you’re just taking the piss.

> pwcc = [];
> ( ( pwcc == false ) == ( ! pwcc ) )

Noted September 28, 2019

Ugh, flight delayed by a late passenger. Of course it’s Warwick Capper and of course we passed him sitting in the wrong lounge.

Noted September 27, 2019

My friends get me 👕