Noted July 16, 2019

As my AWS free period comes to an end, I’m trying to work out if the billing console predicts based on previous use or previous costs. It looks like costs (which is useless) but that may be because my site is over-engineered for its up to dozen visitors per day.

Noted July 12, 2019

One of the most interesting CMS projects in the country is for the Age, SMH & AFR’s Product/Tech team. It’s good to be back with the team, this time in-house after working with them as an HM client a few years ago.

Noted July 4, 2019

Great to see Google has expanded its guide to robots.txt Remember robots.txt will not prevent a site from being indexed, only a noindex meta tag/HTTP header will do that.

Noted June 13, 2019

I’m pleased about how much control I’ve taken over my news intake recently. Blocking sites in my user CSS has helped, of course, but I’m less focused on bad news. It’s become habit now so I’ll unblock them in a couple of weeks.