Noted March 16, 2021

First piece of spam made it through to the new job’s inbox today. Apparently we were at the University of Florida together, go [sports team].

Noted March 15, 2021

To avoid messing with build tools on a tiny file I wrote some actual ES5 last week. I typed var. Weird.

Noted March 14, 2021

Major events are a weakness for governments (see cricket in NSW, tennis in Vic) so glad I decided to postpone my Sydney trip for Hamilton this week. Discussing this with a relieved friend who did the same.

Anyone who’s ever met me knows I love the show so to be glad I’m not seeing it takes a lot.

Noted February 28, 2021

Now the cat has been introduced to the vacuum, I’ve moved it out of the laundry for storage so it’s not looming over the kitty litter like a clown in the gutter.

Noted February 28, 2021

First time vacuuming with the cat in the house. I tried explaining she’d want to go upstairs when I started but she wouldn’t listen. I put her on the stairs and started cleaning. She learnt very quickly and I didn’t have to ask her to go downstairs when I went to do upstairs.

Noted February 18, 2021

Should I just give up and alias `commmit`, `svn pull` and `git up`? Then there’s `npm commit` and `git run`…